Advertising for RLC


Advertising & Design  


Looking for A dynamic advertising platform? Want to get your business Recognized? Would you like to have a noticeable, memorable, and recognizable-Banner, logo, or crest? Then come see me.


At Freebyrd’s Advertising we are dedicated to
Helping your Business SOAR to NEW Heights.   We design anything from E-Cards, Invitations or personal profile pics to special couple’s pics; also making Dancer / WG portfolio’s and custom banners & headers for business & personal needs, family crests, logos, Designing Video Slide Banners, Real Time videos, voice ads, Ad drops, DJ Intros, and DJ Services.

Ask about my custom packages and special rates for repeat customers/clients. When it comes to your advertising, I handle all your advertising needs, so PM me, inbox me or come see me about providing a personalized advertising campaign suited to your business/service needs. Freebyrd’s Advertising handles it all.




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