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Quality, Affordable Personal DJ & Club Stream Provider

?? Tired of ad infested radio stations in your club
or your guests having to f5 for DJ switches
during event or party?

Why not get a club stream from MCRNC Streams-
With rates starting at 115 rays a month,
unlimited DJs ,20 GB AUTO DJ = est. 2200 songs,

Ever wonder about living the life of a DJ?
Tired of hiring expensive DJs or depending on others
that may or may not show up for your events?
Take the guesswork out and become your own DJ

MCRNC Streams provides Quality, Affordable DJ/Club Streams

ALL Streams come standard with
20 GB AUTO DJ, Back up Stream, Full Tech Stream support,
as well as DJ training and Includes
one free Logo/Banner/Bulletin ad
for DJ Services or club promotion

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Get a DJ Stream from MCRNC Streams

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