Respect is Respect Worldwide

Respect is Respect

SRGR = Show Respect, Get Respect – One of the biggest beliefs and foundation of ALL Motorcycle Clubs and Riding Clubs around the world. Respect is not a magical word that you can demand it, Respect is earned through actions (helping people, looking after people, doing what is right, and showing mannerism and politeness towards others).


Due to recent occurrences at events over the past several months, in which, continued disrespect has been shown toward myself as well as toward other MCs, Traditional families and Mythical families here in RLC by 2 individuals of our RLC community.  The latest occurrence happened the night before New Year’s Eve at an MC event, where Founder Monk and President Chiky mocked others as well as myself, for referring to our RLC family ties, titles, and earned ranks.


This Disrespect has been on going for several months now; as the list of screen shot URLs show. Many on here are in Traditional Families as well as the Mythical Families. Our Family the Dragon Knights Klan has been founded for over 5 years with no Drama, Saddlebags Crew MC has been founded for over 2 years.

 Let me clarify something – no – I do NOT require my members to call me Pres – as many know I Grew-up MC – my momma and aunts had biker friends come over – I grew up calling some of them uncle and a few I call pops – not a sign of disrespect but as a sign of higher respect – I knew I could and can trust them more (if possible) than I can someone I call bro – now i’m older I call many of them brothers, but there are still a few I call unk or pops – one I will call pops until the day he goes on his final ride – me and him both know it – so if my members want to call me dad, brother Free, or even Free – to me that means they feel like they can trust me to that level – but for another pres or founder to say I am not a true pres because I don’t “Make” my crew call me a certain title/rank to show me “proper” respect – I say those are the ones missing out on what it really means to earn and show respect 

There are more screen shots of the night of the recent occurrence as well as from earlier the month before this happened. DMMC Monk was caught trying to interfere with a prospect vote, by using Ember to ask SCMC members not to vote for the prospect. When this was brought to Pres Chiky’s attention, I was told it was Monk that interfered and not DMMC and that he had been removed and had removed his DMMC tag. screen shot below


The bottom line here, is each person came to RLC for a reason. There are a lot more RLC members in Mythical and Traditional Families than there are in the MC Community. I am a Family Founder 3 years before I joined and eventually founded my own MC, so YES, there are more than a few that call me Uncle, Dad, Sir, or simply by my name Free or Freebyrd. I help each one with anything from advice, computer tech, rlc tech, deco, clothing, and more and I WILL continue to do so. 

Respect is Respect

It has a Universal meaning and definition that is the same worldwide.

feel free to click the screen shot links below to see more examples of the Disrespect shown to me and others by the same 2 individuals. Please feel free to share as bulletin or blog so others can see and know.

Personally, I will no longer attend any events where disrespect is welcomed or shown or allowed to be used.

Pres DJ Freebyrd Founder of DKK & SCMC 

So Motte it Be, May Karma Ride Swift and True

Links to additional screen shots below and are clickable to the screen shot