WARNING – RLC-Social Center Scam

Social Center Scam


There appears to be a scam making the rounds on the Social Center where members are being messaged by a basic member claiming to be from the ‘Site Billing Management Team’ and being told they’ve made a fraudulent transaction which can be resolved by making a transaction on their ‘Affiliate’ site. They then advise the member they have 30 minutes to respond to the message or they face legal action.

If you receive a message like this, do NOT reply and report it to WorldOps immediately, either via email to worldops@redlightcenter.com or via www.redlightcenter.com/ARS

All correspondence about RLC billing issues will only ever come directly from RLC Staff. This only ever happens via email, from email addresses at the redlightcenter.com domain eg. support@redlightcenter.com, worldops@redlightcenter.com etc.

If you ever receive correspondence and you’re unsure of it’s authenticity you’re welcome to contact us to verify it – worldops@redlightcenter.com or via www.redlightcenter.com/ARS